Reading With Your Mind, Not Your Mouse…

Ah the “Old” Days…

Aka the 1990s…

The average reader could pick up a local newspaper, such as the New York Times or Wall Street Journal, even People Magazine, and believe most of what they read. The Fourth Estate, aka the Media, had some accountability to both the truth and its readers.

Then the Internet Happened…

Thank you Al Gore.


Not so much anymore. It seems the days of at least semi-impartial reporting are going the way of that pesky newsprint that would leave black smudges on your fingers. These days the media seems to cater to mouseclicks. Enter stories like Cumberbatch to the Future and false news about Vice President Pence Warning Against Gay Aliens.

As the news has moved towards a digital model, so have advertising dollars. News sites generate income by generating mouseclicks. The more sensational the headline, the more likely the average ‘Net suffer is to click it. If you need any evidence of this, just Google Taylor Swift’s Feud with Kanye West.

Enter Read Actively…

Read Actively is anti-clickbait. This site was developed to encourage people to read with their minds, not their mouse. Read actively is NOT about using sensational headlines to get mouseclicks, but rather to use intelligent headlines to earn them.

Read Actively is completely self-funded and has no advertising incentives. That allows the site to stay dedicated to impartial, factual reporting and intelligent argument. Occasionally you will find insights from the life of its author and guest authors from around the ‘Net.

Read Actively is NOT Snopes…

Read Actively’s mission is to provide original, impartial, reporting. It is not a fact checking site. If you want to know if Black River Meats did tell consumers of its bacon to contact local officials if they didn’t know how to cook said product (they did), see Snopes. If you want the top headlines for the week, a bit of humor, perspective, and common sense, you’re in the right place.

Happy Reading…

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