5 Things Actually Worthy of Your Social Media Outrage

Baby, This is Really Silly…

Lately I feel like the media is the tail wagging the dog. I can’t help it. Society has real issues to discuss and what sparks global debate this holiday season on Social Media? Not outrage that drunk driving claims the life of 1 person every 50 minutes, or the number of homeless in our country, but a CNN report that a Cleveland radio station banned  a holiday song written in 1944.


I recently skated out to Google and read the lyrics to Baby It’s Cold Outside. I have the same gut reaction to the song that, as a Catholic, I have to Madonna’s Like a Prayer. I’ll leave you to head out to click the links I’ve included to both and draw your own conclusions. Me personally? I just change the radio dial when I don’t like what’s coming across the FM airwaves and move on with my day.

So should you, if you encounter something that offends you.

Within Reason…

There are almost certainly things that require public outrage and yes, sexual harassment is most definitely one of them. There are real personal and social wrongs demanding discussion, vilification, William Shatner trying to score another five seconds of fame by speaking out on Social Media, and even Trump’s tweets. Here are 5 good ones to get you started. I’ve even included links to additional information and/or recent events for each if you want to fire up Facebook or set Twitter ablaze.

1. Anyone Doing Anything To Another Human Body Without Permission. Regardless of their gender, and I’m annoyed I have to say this because I think the distinction should be passe by now, or what gender someone appears as or identifies as, unless your own body is in danger, or you are protecting the safety of others, you do not have the right to touch with any object or in any way shape or form, another person unless it’s consensual. 

2. –Isms. Discrimination against anyone, for any reason, is not acceptable. We all start off as a lump of ever-growing cells. We are all essentially carbon and water. It should not be acceptable to deny anyone what is within their skills, abilities, and determination to own, attend, or achieve because of their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, finances, country, state, or town, color, faith, religion, neurochemistry, profession, or disability. 

3. Disrespect for or Violence Against Our Military and Our Law Enforcement.Every day, hundreds of men and women put their lives on the line to serve our country, the state we live in, our counties, cities and towns. While it is our right as citizens to actively participate in our government on all levels by observing and decrying inappropriate behavior, it is not our right, and is, in fact, beneath us, to unjustifiably disparage or harm these men and women. 

4. Excessive Alcohol Use and Drunk Driving. Alcohol, quite literally, destroys lives: the person drinking the stuff, and the person with the person drinking. In one case, your grey matter is literally damaged. Your brain actually shrinks. There is also the very real possibility that you will misjudge how much you’ve drunk and get into a car. Even if you don’t, you’ve still drained your bank account and increased the stress to your liver.

5. Harming, In Any Way, Passively or Actively, a Child. Perhaps because I’m a Mom, I fall down hard on anyone who physically, mentally, or emotionally harms a child, whether you actually raise a hand to that kid in malice, or simply neglect them. Children are innocents. They rely on the adults around them to survive, to protect them, and to be there for them, and provide help when they can’t help themselves. There is no excuse, ever, for harming a child.

A lot of music from the 1940’s and ‘50s, even the 70’ and 80’s, is completely socially unacceptable today (Every Breath You Take, anyone?). Yes, we should eliminate anything in our society that actively calls for or encourages disregard of another human being’s universal rights. We should engage in active conversation about these things. We should protest them.

There are just too many things in today’s world far, far worse, such as BBC’s recent report that 2018 was the worst year for US school shootings, than a trite, tired, holiday song. Stream Trans-Siberian Orchestra and spark a social media movement about those instead.

Happy Happy…



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