Author Bio

Just call me Cris…

I am a java-fueled, keyboard-powered sales and marketing writer with over 22 years experience writing proposals, sales and marketing materials such as website content, feature blogs, short case studies, technical proposals, grant requests, and education materials for the Medical, Healthcare, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, and Security industries. 

My specialty is creating features and benefit statements from complex medical and technical jargon that tell consumers, at a glance, why they need your business practice. I take all of your data, analyze it, and identify the key themes and common elements and create a comprehensive cover letter to technical content strategy to market your business.

I take on the writing aspects of your business or practice so you can focus on the activities that will increase sales, build relationships with prospective clients, and improve outcomes.

In the rare moments I am not working, I can be found with my nose in a book, in New Jersey, spending time with my son.

To learn more about my skills, education, work experience and professional achievements, look me up on LinkedIn. For samples of my writing, check out the Articles on this website or click Connect to email me for detailed technical and medical writing samples. You can also check out Read Actively’s sister site, The Mother Rogue.