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I Love My Day, Night, and Weekend Job…

My professional profile is readily available on LinkedIn. Want to know more? Below are five clear, concise, and consistent facts never before posted on social media.

  • I Love Writing and Editing and Often, Easily, Do It All Day. I love every aspect of technical writing and research and easily spend, without thought, 8 to 12 hours in and out of the office crafting sentences or planning and researching new and future writing projects.
  • I’m an all around Word Nerd. I love grammar, sentence structure, and the way words go together. I own a paperback, well-worn dictionary and several copies of Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style.
  • I Am Not a Fiction Writer. While I do consider myself creative, I’m all about the facts. My forte is technical and scientific writing and research, and writing for social media. My novel-writing abilities are still a work in progress. Stay tuned.
  • I’m a Mom. I’m actually a dedicated, extremely proud long-distance Mom to one amazing, hard working Autistic Kid. You can read more about that journey on  The Mother Rogue.
  • I’m Not ALWAYS Working. When I’m not in front of a keyboard, you can find me checking out the virtual reality at Legends Comix, with my nose in a book, or trying to beat my son at air hockey at Dave and Busters.

Ok, occasionally, you’ll also find me on my “off hours” buried behind my keyboard at Coffee and Cotton in downtown Lowell’s Mill No. 5. You can’t win them all…

Look me up sometime, whether you need help making words work for you or not…

–CMR; 10/7/2018

Cristina M. Miller

Business Writer and Editor Specializing in Proposals, Grants, Medical, Technical, Scientific and Financial Documentation.

Outspoken Disability Needs Advocate.

Java-Fueled Word Nerd.

Let Me Put Words to Work for You!


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