Medical Writing / Patient Education

A stethoscope on the top of the EKG chartClear, jargon-free patient communication is crucial for doctors. To you, it seems obvious why your diabetic patient needs to stay away from the chocolate cake. That’s why it’s frustrating when that patient goes AMA with a box of donuts.

Read Actively offers patient education that strips away the scary medical jargon to describe in easy-to-understand, media-specific (web, article, brochure, etc.) copy everything a patient needs to know. Types of writing available include:

  • Patient training manuals on topics such as how to test insulin levels.
  • Postcards and Leaflets stressing the importance of vaccines.
  • Infographics detailing how to recognize the signs of a stroke or heart attack.
  • Brochures explaining things like the difference between an infection and a virus.
  • White papers, journal articles, and AMA-formatted publications.
  • Health insurance communications.
  • Grant proposal writing.

By offering patients engaging written materials and providing research, writing, and editing services, Read Actively frees you, the physician, up to focus on patient care. You can spend more time listening to your patients and examining them vs. explaining what’s happening to them.

Having an arsenal of educational materials in a wide variety of formats and platforms demonstrates your expertise and builds patient trust. This helps promote revenues by reducing the risk of a patient seeking a second opinion elsewhere.

Click the Connect link and let Read Actively write you a “script.”