What Is “Reading Actively?”

Read Actively was born out of a frustration with my Facebook newsfeed. I love the cat memes. I love my local Friends of the Library. Boston Metro Gamers are excellent. I’m always happy to see what my former high school and college cohorts are up to. Bring on the baby pics.

The dire weather forecasts, outrage out over (or worse, miss) reported government antics, and, most recently, flood of you really shouldn’t try this at home fitness advice are things I could do without. Worse, they’re misleading to the general public.

In order to be responsible citizens in today’s day and age, the world’s population needs to be more discriminating with their mouse clicks.

Read Actively is about shedding light on the facts in the midst of all of what is ultimately media marketing. Every couple weeks I take on something that’s gotten recent buzz on social media. Everybody has their own, invaluable, point of view. This is mine.

Cristina M. Miller

Business Writer and Editor Specializing in Proposals, Grants, Medical, Technical, Scientific and Financial Documentation.

Outspoken Disability Needs Advocate.

Java-Fueled Word Nerd.

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