Tech Writing

As an IT professional, have you ever had an end-user give you a glassy eyed, blank stare when you explained the critical importance of:

  • Proper data encryption?Rackmount LED console in server room data center - 3d illustration
  • Multi-character passwords that don’t include personal information?
  • Not downloading software from unverified Internet websites?
  • Securing universal access to commonly-used data via cloud storage?
  • The value of managed network services?
  • A new software upgrade, application, or patch that increases security?
  • The features and benefits of a new application for businesses and consumers?

Read Actively’s Technical Writing Services can help. Expert writing and editing capabilities include:

  • Information Technology Research To Identify Current And Potential Security Threats.
  • Writing Feature And Benefits Statements To Market New Software Applications.
  • End-User Training Manual Design And Writing.
  • Standard Operating Procedure Documentation.
  • Policy Development And Writing.
  • Infographics To Promote End User Security Compliance.
  • White Papers, IT Journal Article, And Industry Blog Research And Writing.

Read Actively can even create strategic content that explains to end users the necessity of taking systems offline occasionally to install critical upgrades. All of these services allow you to focus on what you do best: protecting your company’s network and streamlining workflows with meticulous network design and cutting-edge application programming.

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