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Two Husbands: An Editorial Horror Story

I have 3 children:

  • The Husband (#1) I Married and Divorced.
  • The Husband (#2) I Married and Am Still Married To.
  • The Child (Leading Man #1) I Actually Gave Birth To.

Husband #1 and Husband #2 constantly conspire to drive me crazy. You would think that they could stagger the faux crises and “Oh my Law What Did You Do?!” moments. They don’t. The husbands sync these moments for maximum effect. Usually when I’m busy.

Yesterday, while I was trying to scan a 45 page Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for our special needs advocate and working with my own clients, aka Johnson Controls’ superlative North American sales team, the matrimonial “kids” put on a copyediting horror show.

  • Husband #1 sent an email to the local school district in conjunction with an upcoming IEP review meeting calling the “IEP” an “IDP” and saying he looked forward to meeting with “you”, not “the IEP team,” which is who we will actually be meeting with.
  • Husband #2 parlayed his mother’s recent cancer surgery, including the removal of multiple large tumors, into a sales pitch for his CPA services. He even used the word “metastasize” in relation to tax filing issues.

Across the world, pens bled out their ink and perished in recycling bins.

Don’t Let Your Business Copy Turn to Chaos

Bad spelling and bad grammar, even in emails sent from smart phones, look bad. Do you really want to trust an IT professional who makes typos? Likewise, while H#2’s 45 second pitch will absolutely stick in people’s minds, but do you really want an accountant who appears to be capitalizing on a dire illness?

Ok, in the case of these 2, you actually do. I married them both for their minds.

These two gents are not business owners. They can get away the occasional spelling/grammar error or possibly inappropriate sales pitch.

You Are a Business Owner.

You have enough on your plate without worrying about spelling errors, grammar, the content of your website copy, social media copy, or even your blogs. You don’t have time to proofread. You need to build your business.

For your writing and editing needs, you need a professional.

Save the Pens, and Your Professional image!

Look Me Up For All Your Copyediting, Writing, and Presentation Needs.

I provide a wide array of writing, editing, proofreading, and editorial project management services. Not only can I write your website content, but I can also edit the white paper showing why your product or service is valuable. I can even create and maintain a blog on your site page that demonstrates you are fully abreast of all new developments in your industry. Finally, I can save you time and money by translating your intended message into the appropriate “industryese.”

Mom-in-Law came through surgery brilliantly.

Having watched the careers of Joe Reynolds (H#1) and Damien Falato (H#2) since their beginnings, including how they handle their occasional gaffes as well as their many, many successes, if it were not a potential conflict of interest, I would actively recommend looking them up for your IT Security Compliance and Tax Professional needs.

Find them on LinkedIn by clicking their names in bold above.

Cristina M. Miller

Business Writer and Editor Specializing in Proposals, Grants, Medical, Technical, Scientific and Financial Documentation.

Outspoken Disability Needs Advocate.

Java-Fueled Word Nerd.

Let Me Put Words to Work for You!


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